Building Communities

Renville County, North Dakota

If North Dakotans are known for our friendliness and hospitality, then Renville County should be the State Capitol!

More than anything, we want to live in our small communities where everyone knows one another and genuinely cares.   Despite the growth that is now coming to our county, most of us were born and raised here and we want to maintain our county as a place where we accept one another, volunteer together to help during the tough times, celebrate together during the good times, and participate together  in community activities at all times.

We want to be the place where our arms are open, our doors are unlocked, and the light is always on.

The only thing about ourselves we don’t like is that we are the worst kept secret in America.  We like people finding out about us, meeting our people, shopping in our stores, and exploring our countryside.  In fact, our goal is to be the worst kept secret in the United States—and with this plan, we are setting a course to be discovered.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not going to change when you all show up.   But you just might.   When you discover what Renville has to offer, don’t be surprised to find yourself even changing your address!

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