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The Community Organizer Assessment is one of four Plan Modules available to jump-start a strategic planning effort. While we recommend our full planning services as described on the Strategic Planning Process page, we realize that a targeted approach is a better fit for certain communities.

EDSP Module 3: Community Organizer Assessment

Community Organizer Assessment
Question: Can we implement our plan?
Challenge: Assessing the community's capacity to advance a strategic plan.
Action: Participate in the Community Organizer Assessment
Result: Findings, observations and recommendations useful to the  community for  increasing  its capacity to engage in economic development activities

The Building Communities’ Community Organizer Assessment helps a community ask itself, “What can our community accomplish in terms of community and economic development?”   This analysis relates to the human, financial and technical resources available to implement projects and initiatives deemed important by the community.

The assessment addresses basic community and economic development fundamentals such as:

These are but a small subset of the questions we ask.  The answer to one question triggers different questions, which then yield a report on the current capacity a community has/doesn’t have to accomplish community and economic development work.

This session can be administered to a very broad or very narrow group of community leaders. Although the questions are most targeted to city managers, county managers or commissioners, community and economic development professionals and chamber of commerce executives, the entire Steering Committee can benefit from hearing and understanding the dialogue around capacity.

The Community Organizer Assessment is the most basic of the Building Communities tools.   Without the fundamental capacity to accomplish development objectives, selecting strategies and assigning actions steps is a fruitless task.

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