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Dunn County, North Dakota

“Getting it Dunn, in Dunn County.”  That’s the slogan that suits us best. Dunn County, ND is a truly resilient and unique community. The Bakken oil boom is stressing and stretching Dunn County to its limits. And yet, our small agricultural county that started with 3,300 residents according to the 2010 Census and has at least doubled within the last 2 years, is “taking the bull by the horns” and addressing the monumental impact associated with the influx of a thriving, competitive industry like oil exploration and development. Our multi-generational residents recognize that

Dunn County’s greatest natural resource is not oil, but is the strong, independent families and youth that this county produces. Moving forward with the dedicated work ethic that built Dunn County, we are rolling up our sleeves and opening our doors to greet the opportunities and challenges that are coming our way.

The largest single challenge facing Dunn County is adequate housing and the infrastructure to support the labor force associated with the expanding oil industry. In the long established tradition of our pioneering forebears, Dunn County residents are reacting with empathy and concern for the individuals and families who are resorting to sleeping in their cars and using their vehicles as physical addresses due to a lack of housing and lodging. Dunn County residents are seeking avenues to address housing, infrastructure associated with additional housing and businesses and a 30 year battle to provide quality drinking water to all residents of Dunn County.

Frustrated by the current bureaucratic processes designed to bring assistance from the taxes collected by oil extraction into the county, we are learning to advocate for ourselves and are seeking direction and assistance from decision makers and entities that are in a position to influence the return of those monies to address the growing challenges in Dunn County.

Using the lessons learned from the “first oil boom” in the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Dunn County is seeking to preserve and diversify our agricultural economy. We take our responsibilities and efforts in “feeding the world” quite seriously and with great pride. Our ties and affection to the land are a reflection of our steady and rooted natures. However, we are ready to take advantage of a global market and the technology to compete in it, by increasing access to and the dependability of broadband services to each resident and agricultural producer.

The overall guiding principle that Dunn County residents aspire to follow as we move through planning and implementation is to retain our sense of community by establishing long-term relationships with residents, stakeholders and decision makers as we plow forward uncovering the rich and abundant opportunities that are coming our way.

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