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Divide County, North Dakota

It used to be said that people would have to drive to the end of the Earth in order to find Divide County, North Dakota. Today, Divide County feels like it is the center of the Universe.

Situated near the center of the Bakken oil patch, our rural way of life has been discovered by thousands of people doing today what thousands of people did 100 years ago in our cherished land: building a new and better way of life.

Our desire is to welcome our newcomers, while building better and stronger communities for our long-standing residents, potential new residents and tourists who come to the region.

Divide County and our communities of Ambrose, Crosby, Noonan and Fortuna are facing explosive growth. Headlines in our community newspaper point to a possible immediate tripling of our population. How our communities grow and how we maintain our quality of life is at the heart of what this strategic plan is all about.
What will not change is our commitment to being generous and caring people. When our neighbors fall upon hard times, we will be there. When newcomers desire to become part of our community, we will welcome them. When our businesses seek to expand, we will help them. This is a part of who we are, and who we have been for generations.

We know we cannot maintain our sense of community and quality of life by standing still. Already our roads are crumbling, our water system needs expansion and we have such a lack of housing that our people and our institutions cannot function as well as we would like. We desire to see new neighborhoods, new families, and a renewed commitment to a growing, vital county.

We still are a county with no traffic lights. And while this may not always be the case, we intend to maintain our small-town charm—a place where our children are safe, our families are strong and our future is secure.
We have always known it is worth driving to the end of the Earth to get here. Now that we have been discovered, we welcome those who want to build and preserve the reason why we have stayed.

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