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The Key Success Factor Analysis is one of four Plan Modules available to jump-start a strategic planning effort. While we recommend our full planning services as described on the Strategic Planning Process page, we realize that a targeted approach is a better fit for certain communities.

EDSP Module 2: Key Success Factor Analysis

Key Success Factor Analysis
Question: What should be included in our plan?
Challenge: Determining which community and economic development strategies are most likely to be implemented successfully based on the community's assets, expertise, etc.
Action: Participate in the Key Success Factor Analysis
Result: Report detailing the community's strengths and weaknesses, and a prioritization of strategies for consideration, based on their likelihood of successful implementation

For communities that may not be looking for a complete economic development strategic plan but are still seeking strategic direction, the Key Success Factor Analysis is the perfect choice.

This session can be  conducted for  eight to40 local citizens who are interested in their community’s future and knowledgeable about the comparative advantages (and disadvantages) the community has.

The community will receive a report that shows:

Such an analysis can provide a community with:

If this quick, very focused analysis can be of value to your community, please contact us today.


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