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Adams County, North Dakota

Welcome home! You may have thought that “Mayberry” no longer existed, but it does, right here in Adams County! We appreciate your time and interest in our strategic community and economic development plan and want to share with you what makes us unique. While our population is relatively small and our resources are limited, we have accomplished amazing things in Adams County, primarily through volunteers and private donations. We are the champions of fund raising. Our hospitality is unsurpassed and our generosity is evident everywhere you look in Adams County.

We are on a first name basis around here. Friends, neighbors and visitors are always welcome to drop in for a glass of lemonade or a beer. We raise strong families and take pride in our agricultural heritage. Our traditions have provided us with a strong foundation that has taught us to welcome and adapt to change and new technology. We are the best of both worlds. Strong old-fashioned family values with open hearts and open minds moving into the future.

The diamond of Adams County, West River Regional Medical Center, has been recognized as one of the top 100 critical access hospitals in the country, according to the National Rural Health Association. It serves a region of 10,000+ square miles and dozens of communities in southern North Dakota and northern South Dakota. The potential for West River Health Services is unlimited and therefore one of our top economic development strategies.
Adams County will soon have two major grain terminals on the BNSF rail line that runs parallel to Hwy 12 through Adams County. Our multi-generational farms raise grain, cattle and kids. Our connection to the land is deeply rooted.

Our diminishing population has provided us with opportunities to become willing and successful partners who have learned to share services with neighboring communities, school districts, and counties. We have learned to recognize needs and respond to them with innovative and collaborative solutions.

Through the excellent and accessible leadership throughout Adams County we are poised to welcome and manage the impending changes that oil exploration and development will bring.

The Hettinger Chamber of Commerce has captured the essence of our communities in Adams County. “If you are looking for a great community to raise your kids or are ready to retire, you can’t find a better place to live.”

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