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The Action Steps Planning Workshop is one of four Plan Modules available to jump-start a strategic planning effort. While we recommend our full planning services as described on the Strategic Planning Process page, we realize that a targeted approach is a better fit for certain communities.

EDSP Module 4: Action Steps Planning Workshop

Action Steps Planner
Question: How will we implement our plan?
Challenge: Outlining a clear path to implement the community's strategic plan
Action: Participate in the Action Steps Planning Workshop
Result: A Plan Implementation Workbook containing initial implementation actions steps for the community's strategic plan

A community and economic development strategic plan that does not lead to action is not worth the paper on which it is printed.   Yet, in communities across the nation and world, this happens all too frequently.  Strategic plans become the proverbial report sitting on the shelf.   We believe this is the worst of all possible outcomes.

Building Communities can help communities with stagnant existing strategic plans mobilize action through the Action Steps Planning Workshop.

We do this by reviewing the existing strategic plan with the community and asking, “Of the activities identified in your plan, which ones do you still want to advance?”   Using that answer, we look for similarities between these activities and the 25 Building Communities Strategies.   Where there is a fit, we use the relevant strategy-specific Essential Action Step to spur action.   The community then identifies who is going to accomplish these steps, by when and to what end.

With our experience of completing over 50 community and economic development strategic plans since the beginning of 2012, we literally have hundreds of examples of action steps to draw from.

Mobilizing an existing dormant strategic plan just requires diligence and focus.   Building Communities brings these elements to the table in the same comprehensive, objective and expeditious way we do everything else.

Let us help put your plan back in gear!


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