Building Communities

Strategic Partnerships

Cities and counties are not the only entities that have a stake in their future. Many state and federal agencies, foundations, corporations , utilities, non-profits and universities genuinely care about the quality of life and economic condition of communities and are taking efficient and effective measures to make a positive difference.

Many state and federal agencies, for example, provide programs and initiatives that support best practices and fund projects that serve strategic purposes.

Foundations want their contributions to make a meaningful difference within a thoughtfully defined framework.

Corporate philanthropy seeks to effectively support the regions in which they do business.

Utilities frequently offer leadership training and strategic planning services to enhance the capacity of communities in their region.

Many regional and national non-profits establish collaborative teams to bring talent and innovative processes to communities and states.

Finally, universities are frequently engaged in strategic planning that supports the communities and regions they serve.

Building Communities can tailor our process and product to complement the work of these supportive organizations and help to meet the  quality-of-life and economic development needs of cities and counties.  The combination of a very comprehensive approach, objective methodology and expeditious process serves a great variety of interests.

Sometimes a complete strategic plan is not what is needed.   In these cases, Building Communities can offer any or all of the following:

Bottom line: There are many ways our unique approach can serve many interests.   Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our services to your emerging needs—(928) 814-3710.


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