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Springerville, Arizona

Springerville, Arizona is a one-of-a-kind place in the Southwest.  Set against a backdrop of forested mountain topography and grazing lands, our community possesses an outstanding setting that is only matched by the will of our people to build a great place for families and businesses.

Our forefathers settled this place, and the people who live here today choose to call this home.  As a result of being a small town, we know one another, care for each other, and desire to give back to our hometown.

For this reason, we have built this strategic plan.  This plan represents an ambitious commitment to our future.  Not many places of 2000 persons would work to simultaneously advance 14 community and economic development strategies, but we know that with commitment and dedication that matches the fortitude of those that settled our community, we can succeed.

Already we are seeing small businesses make investments in our town during challenging economic times.  New opportunities are emerging that not only will benefit Springerville, but other communities in northeast Arizona.  We see these developments in mining, energy, tourism, forest products, agriculture, and other emerging industries.
While our economy develops, we seek to build on this momentum to transform our downtown into a vibrant, thriving destination for people throughout the southwest looking for an authentic small town experience.  Anyone that doubts our vision and drive can visit our relocated Rene Cushman Museum to see thatwe will succeed.

For generations, Springerville has been a great place to live.  We just step out our backdoor and we are in the forests and streams.  Just tour our community today and you will see the great efforts of the generations before us to build a nice town and to celebrate our place with monuments, parks, and school facilities.
Now is the time to come together and move forward.  We invite our citizens to be a part of Springerville’s great decades ahead.

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