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Many Farms, Arizona

Just as the name of our community denotes, we have been a people steeped in agriculture and an agrarian way of life. That way of life is currently being threatened by several factors primarily out of our control. As a result, we as a community have recognized the need to determine our own destiny and plan our future!

We have carefully examined our options and the unique advantages that we have as a community. Our passion for our land, our children and our heritage are the driving forces behind our planning efforts. The experience and knowledge of our community residents will be our greatest asset in re-defining and creating economic prosperity in Many Farms.

As a community, we have asked Many Farms Chapter officials to work closely with and help resurrect our local community development organization, Da’ak’e Halani Development, Inc. We recognize the opportunities that will open as the DDI moves us forward in pursuing funding, working with local businesses and restoring our community to a safe and healthy environment.

Our greatest challenge is land-use. Current policies on the Navajo Nation are causing severe over-grazing resulting in erosion and air-quality issues, vacant land within our business district with environmental concerns and a loss of potential revenue, and a lack of adequate affordable housing. We plan to work closely with the Navajo Nation in addressing concerns over the current land-use policy.

It is important for us to realize, that while we have been marginalized and overlooked both outside and inside the larger Navajo community, it is within our Many Farms community, as a collective body, that we have the power to effect the changes and improvements we want to see take place in Many Farms. We are good partners and collaborators. Because of that we are confident that stakeholders and potential partners and supporters will be drawn to the Many Farms community.

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