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Craighead County, Arkansas

There’s no place like home. In Craighead County, this is not just something people say – it’s something we
feel. We have the best of both worlds, with a booming urban area in Jonesboro and the high quality rural
life in our smaller communities of Bay, Black Oak, Bono, Brookland, Caraway, Cash, Egypt, Lake City and
Monette. Yet, our identities are more than simply our community names. We are bound to the land that has
nurtured us, to our families that have planted deep roots, and to the future that we continue to help shape.

To us, home means that there is always a place where anyone is welcome. Growth is steady here, bringing
people from around the country to be our new neighbors and friends. It’s important that we embrace them
with the spirit and hospitality of the South, which is not taken lightly here. Generosity is a matter of fact in
Craighead County that is demonstrated by our citizens with every celebration, every crisis and every need.
Our success will be measured by how well we take care of our citizens of all ages.

Instilling hometown values is done, in part, by having a well-supported school system. To that end,
education plays an immense role in everything we do. We are proud to be able to offer premier quality
educational services from kindergarten to a PhD, right here in Craighead County. Planning for the future
of our schools will ensure that they maintain the standards of excellence that have made them some of the
best in the state.

Every community in Craighead County has something special to offer to anyone who calls this area home,
whether he or she is a long-time resident or a visitor. We know that by working collaboratively we can
enrich the experience for everyone. Well-planned neighborhoods, transportation networks, open spaces,
schools, business districts, recreational facilities, tourism destinations – all are critical to keeping our quality
of life at the highest of levels. We’re working for the future, and what we do today will impact future
generations for years to come.

We have done many things well, yet there is still much to do. This strategic planning process has enabled us
all to voice our concerns and our hopes. It has brought us together in a way that we haven’t seen in recent
history. We must continue to build partnerships, both internally and externally, to realize all that we dare to
dream. After all, there’s no place like Craighead County. Our home.

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