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Clay County, Arkansas

Pride.  Community Spirit.  Passion.  Fortitude.  To some, these are phrases tossed around lightly, eventually losing their meaning through overuse.  To the people of Clay County, these are traits that are naturally present in our daily lives.

We are a small county located in the northeastern corner of Arkansas.  What we lack in population size, we more than make up for in heart.  Although our communities have seen some success in our individual efforts, we have not before established countywide partnerships to give us greater opportunity for success.  Through this strategic planning process, we are building those partnerships that we hope will last well into the future.

Our youth are the future of Clay County.  We recognize this in every aspect of what we do.  Our Steering Committee, which includes representatives from local high schools, realizes that there is a strong sense of pride that ties us all together.  No matter what the age group, we all feel that this is our town, our county and our time to make a difference.

We are a community that is still patriotic.  We still believe in this great nation we call the United States of America.  We are proud to grow food that feeds the world and grow cotton that clothes the world, a true testament to the glory of this country.  Our families grew up in agricultural communities – we worked together, lived together, played together and harvested together as families.  These values are still inherent today, rooted in the heritage and characteristics of our children.

We’ve had hard times, just like other rural communities in East Arkansas and around the nation.  This process of strategic planning has encouraged us to be optimistic.  We are lighting a fire here in Clay County, fanning the flames of hope with hard work and dedication to future success.  This is our opportunity to shine and to make Clay County a beacon for other small communities around the country, proving once and for all that a small group of people can make a difference. 

We will make a difference.

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