Why Some Communities Succeed Book Available on Amazon

I am so pleased to share my new book with the economic development community:

Why Some Communities Succeed, Why Some Fail–and What to do About It.


Find it here on Amazon:    http://ow.ly/N2AFv


When it comes to creating jobs and improving local quality of life, some communities succeed and others fail. But why? What explains this?

Many previous answers to this question have been largely subjective. In this book, however, a clearly objective analysis is presented, which boils down to five principal factors:

• Civic Condition—the intent and quality of a community’s civic discourse and interaction

• Civic Capacity—the human, financial and technical resources of a community

• Civic Strategies and Initiatives—the direction a community chooses to pursue

• Civic Action—the activities a community implements to advance strategies and initiatives

• Civic Commitment—the intrinsic understanding a community has that it is responsible for its own future

These five factors are presented using a metaphor from nature—the Two-Fruited Tree—which aids in describing how the fruits of community and economic development (increased prosperity and quality of life) depend upon these factors.

This book not only explains why some communities succeed and others fail, but it offers very practical approaches and methods to improve communities.

More about the book, as well as important concepts, principles and practices of successful community and economic development can be found at www.buildingcommunities.us.
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