The Political Silly Season

The shenanigans American’s are witnessing thanks to the campaign for the U.S. Presidency is a reminder of the content of the Preface in the Why Some Communities Succeed… book. The challenge for the candidates is whether they will message to the lowest common denominator (fear, scarcity, doubt) or the highest one (hope, abundance, belief).

The following extract from the Preface suggests that Congress all to often plays to a scarcity mentality. Will the candidates continue to follow suit…or could they possibly exhibit the leadership to inspire?


The only way the United States of America can correct its current economic course is to have leaders who are unified and share an achievement and/or actualization ethic rather than an apathy or argumentative one. The Two-Fruited Tree is not about winning the next election and controlling the next Congress. The Two-Fruited Tree is about living in the world’s most prosperous place and enjoying every minute of it. Healthy soul.

The only way the United States of America can develop the capacity to move positively forward is to invest in the human, technical, and especially physical infrastructure, necessary to rebuild the country. Healthy body.

The only way the United States of America will define a positive course is through a serious examination of its own national Key Success Factors, and then to develop policy and strategies consistent with such comparative advantages. Healthy mind.

The only way that the United States of America will make the 21st Century its best century is for its people to decide in their heart that this nation is worth fighting for, and now is the time to act one community at a time. Healthy heart.

It may be too much to expect our Congress can and will move beyond the argumentative body politic that destroys its possibility of leading this much-needed change. It is not too late, however, for local community leaders who generally do not wear their party label on their lapel to lead this nation one community at a time. For such community leaders to do this, they will have to master the soul, body, mind and heart of their cities and counties. It can be done.

Despite the poor example at the national level, there are communities at the Action Stage, and even the Alliance Stage, throughout the nation. The leaders of these successful communities know they must subordinate their personal interests to the community interests. These communities exist. They are our best hope as they serve as powerful models for the change that is needed.